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Kiara Amarork, Alphess


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Hi everyone! I'm Ariel, leader of New Dawn. I play Kiara Amarok, New Dawn's alphess and sunniest member! I'm on a lot and always free to help out. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions or just want someone to talk to. As an added bonus, I often lurk on chat as well.

Raeka Damaichu

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Kiara joined New Dawn many years ago and has since established herself as a main member of the pack. Mother to nearly half the pack and friend to the rest, Kiara spends her days on the wild side. She's bound to a single form as the luperci virus is unable to touch her. Kiara takes great pride in her inability to shift, yet doesn't look down on those who have the ability. After the death of New Dawn's first Alpha Zalen, Raeka (the former Alphess) stepped down from leadership and promoted Kiara to the rank of Alphess. Kiara leads with a gentle hand and believes in the strength of familiar bonds over ruling with an iron fist.