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Unique Skills

New Dawn's version of a co-rank, skills are unique abilities that members display aptitude in that are separate from the already established ranks. Does your character have a specialty that is distinct from the ranks and other members; this would be considered a Skill, and it can be earned by completing threads that show your character's prowess.

Skills are user created; if there is not already a skill that matches what you have in mind, you may create a blurb (~100 characters) and send it to New Dawn's leadership. After reviewing your request, the leaders will come back with three thread prompts for you to complete to earn the skill and claim it as your own. For each thread, the player must write a minimum of 5 posts or 1500 words.

Current Unique Skills


Holder: Altair Amarok, Callum Knight

Those with the Gaurdian co-rank are expected to be fierce defenders and protectors of New Dawn. Much like a guard or soldier, they keep up patrol along the perimeter each day to ensure the safety of the pack, refreshing scent markers and answering calls at the borders. They investigate any suspicious activity (i.e. tracks, scents, and disturbances), eliminating threats either by force or intimidation. Guardians are the first defense against any signs of trouble and should be willing to risk their lives for the well-being of the pack. They act as escorts for pack mates in potentially dangerous situations and oftentimes accompany new faces within the territory until said members can be trusted alone.


Holder: Altair Amarok, Veyra Damaichu, Ciara

A Warden’s task is no easy feat, while these individuals are skilled hunters, they have a true understanding and respect for the laws of nature and strive to educate pack brothers and sisters, through their example. A Warden is tasked with keeping prey populations in check, protecting migration routes from unwanted predators, and taking great pains to make sure the strongest of stock can successfully breed. They decide which kills would benefit both the herd and their pack, oftentimes removing the sickly, lame, and old from a source of food. Maintaining a healthy equilibrium is always at the forefront of a Warden’s mind, they will not hesitate to reprimand a packmate for a negligent or prideful hunt, enlightening them on the intricate balance a Warden strives to conserve, between predator and prey.


Holder: Raeka Damaichu (KR), Veyra Damaichu (CdC)

For pack relations, a character with the envoy skill is assigned a specific pack for which they are to be a consulate if the pack is friendly, or spy if the pack is unfriendly. They must have a strong understanding of the pack's leadership, rank system and culture, and must maintain good communication on friendly terms, or information on unfriendly terms. In short, they are the go-to wolf on any information for the pack for which they are an envoy.


Holder: Fayne

A doula is a nonmedical wolf who assists a female before, during, or after childbirth, as well as her mate and/or family, by providing physical assistance, and emotional support. Occasionally, the doula sometimes continues their aid in postpartum stages, providing continued physical and emotional support, and even producing milk to aid in nursing (if female). Doulas are expected to know all the stages of pregnancy, how to help deliver pups, and what needs to be done in cases of emergency.


Holder: Ciara (lupus form)

A combatant is a wolf who holds a unique skill when it comes to fighting prowess. These wolves are usually highly experienced in their unique field and have the ability to observe and train others to become combatants. They are put in charge of overseeing others when it comes to combat.


Holder: Lucia Amarok

The saying goes that a mother's work is never done; but when the Pup-Sitter is around the opposite is true! A calm and caring wolf with a love of children and a playful heart without being too much of a pushover. They give the parents of New Dawn a break from their unruly (or not so unruly) children and let these parents go about their business without fear that their offspring are unsupervised. It is the Pup-Sitter's duty to ensure the well being and early training of New Dawn's pups and keep them from danger, putting their own life on the line without hesitation.