Embrace your animalistic roots

New Dawn's hierarchy is based upon a basic wolf pack ranking system with Alphas at the top and Pariahs at the bottom. There are three tiers of ranks; the leadership, the skill ranks and the subordinate ranks. All members of New Dawn are expected to show the correct submission and dominance associated with their rank. Respect is to be shown at all times.

Leadership Ranks

The leadership ranks serve as the authority of the pack with the Alphas being the foremost authority in pack decision making and Betas serving as the Alphas main support.

Alpha (2)


IC: The leaders of the pack, these wolves make the decisions for the wellbeing of pack members and discipline those who go against pack structure. They also are the only ones allowed to promote members in rank and must be gone to for permission for most things, including pups. If it is not a single male or female then it usually consists of a mated pair, male and female, however it can also be a sibling or parent/child pair.

OOC: Players of a character with the Alpha rank are both IC and OOC leaders, meaning they have full powers to edit the website, portal, and mod powers in the ND forum.

Superior Ranks

Beta (2)


IC: The second in command, the Betas are in charge of making sure all subordinate wolves do their jobs and are in control of pack morale. The Betas are usually the only ones who can take up the alpha position upon the death of an alpha.

OOC: Player's of a character with the Beta rank have the ability to accept new joiners ICly only (A leader with OOC mod powers has to accept them formally on the board).

Skilled Ranks

Gamma (4)


Emissary: These wolves are the eyes and ears of the Alpha and Betas when it comes to the goings on of other packs. They are tasked with visiting other packs with good tidings, or, if need be, spying.

Scholar: These wolves are usually knowledgeable about several useful skills, whether it be language (both low and high speech), reading and writing ability, philosophy, religion, etc.

Omega (4)


Jester: Jokesters and free spirits who take upon themselves the burdens of their pack mates so as to relieve tension. They initiate play to ward off fighting, or tell a good joke (or make a fool of themselves) to relieve tension.

Peacekeeper: These wolves help to soothe tensions through reason and clarity, or through outright distraction. They are gracious, foregoing themselves and putting the needs of other before theirs.

Epsilon (6)


Hunter: These are wolves who are gifted with physical prowess such as a speed and agility as well as a high sense of alertness. They are skilled in tracking, stalking and group hunting, as well as snaring and hunting with appropriate weaopons.

Warrior: Usually these wolves must possess exceptional strength, agility and battle strategy prowess. They may also know how to use weapons used in battle.

Delta (4)


Healer: Those wolves in the pack tasked with taking care of member's physical needs. They should be well versed in healing techniques such as bone setting, stitching, and should also know some about medicines.

Midwife: These wolves are those who look after pregnant females and help with labor, they also give counsel to parents and watch and help raise puppies.



The Sigmas in the pack are in charge of the newcomers as well as fielding all concerns and questions from the Subordinates. They help to educate those in the ways of pack life, and usually are exemplary figures of natural wolf behavior. They are calm, level headed, but strict when need be; they are there to teach and aid others in any way possible and warn against any behavior that might be seen as against cultural norms.

Subordinate Ranks



This is the rank for all other members of the pack. Subords can portray skills of any of the above ranks and therefore should train with those wolves who outrank them.



Wolves within the Elder rank are of an age (12 years or more) where they can no longer keep up with the younger wolves, but hold within their minds knowledge that is of great importance. These wolves enjoy counseling members of the pack with any and all problems they might have, as well as share their wisdom with any who would want to hear it. These wolves are to be protected and guarded just as the young of the pack might be, for they are irreplaceable.

Pariah (2)


The Pariahs are wolves who have done wrong, are to be punished, picked on and harassed. Pariahs are usually (but not always) wolves with less mental and physical prowess then the rest of the pack members. It is possible to move out of this rank, warranting good behavior and etiquette.