Embrace your animalistic roots

New Dawn may not be the easiest pack to become a part of but it is well worth while. Keep in mind that the entire structure of the pack society hinges upon the strength of the bond between its members and therefore once you're in you become like family. Because of this the leadership of New Dawn is choosey, only accepting those who show the correct etiquette and are of a strong wolf heritage.


All wolves seeking to join New Dawn must have correct manners and body language. They must not cross into the territory but instead summon a leader to them with a howl. Upon meeting the leader, newcomers are expected to show extreme submission and politeness during the greetings. If submission is not complete, the leadership will see it as an insult at best or a threat a worst. Newcomers must tread lightly to be accepted into the folds of pack society.

Species Restriction

The character seeking to join must be ~33% wolf (or more) in order to join New Dawn, also a character cannot be more than 25% coyote and/or cannot carry a more coyote-esque appearance. New Dawn is first and foremost a WOLF pack and therefore the characters within the pack should look and act like wolves. Any character with a more domestic canine or coyote appearance will have a hard time being accepted.


Trespassing will not be accepted and any form of trespassing, whether innocent or not, will be taken as a threat and an insult. The borders are clearly scent marked and any character found trespassing on New Dawn territory for any reason will be escorted off either willingly or by force.

Types of Joining

New Dawn only allows for IC joining except for rare exceptions and only when allowed by the leadership. Remember to adhere to the site wide joining guidelines. In the species portion of your application, please remember to state your characters’ percentages if s/he is a hybrid.