Embrace your animalistic roots

We understand that the stress and obligations of life outside of the 'Soulsverse take precedent and that you may need to become absent for time in New Dawn. Through ND's NPC policies, you can retain your characters standing within the pack and when you are ready to return and retrieve the character, you can start from where you left off.

Unfortunately, once you decide to put your character on NPC status, it means you must forfeit any rank higher than Subord. So, for example, if your character is an Epsilon, he will be moved down to Subord upon being put on NPC status. However, if your character is an Elder or Pariah, they will not be moved to Subord but will remain in that rank. (Exceptions can be made if your character has a specific set of skills and is put on pNPC status)

Absent NPC Status

When you put your character on aNPC status, it is assumed that your character is still interacting with others in day to day pack life OOCly. Absent NPC status though is not a permanent option; you have the ability to have your character be on aNPC status for one month, starting from the date you put him on said status. After the month is up, you have fewer options; you can opt for your character to become a pack NPC (pNPC) or the companion NPC (cNPC) of another active pack member, but while these options allow the character to remain in the pack, both require you to forfeit formal ownership of your character.

Pack NPC Status

You have the option of putting your character on pNPC status immediately upon your departure, or, after your month of aNPC status has ended. The difference between aNPC and pNPC is that as a pNPC your character can be power-played by other characters, rather than just be off-handedly mentioned in posts. This is a more risky choice, because it means your character is at the mercy of the other pack-members, and ultimately, can be injured, killed, or otherwise changed from what you originally intended (discretion left to ND's leadership). If you decide to put your character onto pNPC status, you enter into an adoption contract with the leadership of New Dawn, and must hand over all rights of ownership of the character, including the profile with password. This contract concludes that for the first month of pNPC status, your character will remain a pNPC in ND and will not be adopted out to anyone other than you (any changes or additions to this contract can be discussed between you and ND's leadership). After the month is over the ND leadership can and will try to adopt the character out to whomever they see fit.

Character NPC Status

You may choose for your character to become the companion NPC (cNPC) of another player's character. This would allow your character to remain in the ranks indefinitely, as long as the other player is active and wishes to keep the cNPC. As cNPCs belong to the characters they're attached to, however, this again means that you cannot cNPC a character without forfeiting formal ownership -- you are essentially adopting out your character to another player when you cNPC them. We encourage all players doing so to have an adoption contract, which may be used to stipulate certain conditions under which the character is adopted, a copy of which should be sent to ND's leadership.