Embrace your animalistic roots

These are the OOC policies of the pack, relative mostly to players rather than characters. Make sure you check out the Culture page to familiarize yourself with the IC policies, etiquettes, culture, etc.



The IC hierarchy is strictly IC -- that is, post counts, activity, etc. are not the main focus of our rank shuffles. We count members' posts each month (we prefer at least 10 posts a month), but the rank hierarchy is mostly based on how well your character performs and how well they adhere to the cultural norms. Essentially, characters who make use of themselves can be jettisoned to a position of respect and power.

Obviously, a greater amount of activity lends to higher post counts, but we do not promote based solely on post counts. If you've posted 50 times each month but your character hasn't done anything constructive toward New Dawn, you will not be promoted. We prefer low, pack-intensive activity to extreme activity outside of the pack.

Challenging for Rank

Member can ICly challenge another member for their rank if there isn't an open slot. These challenges must be approved and agreed upon by both members OOCly and then a challenge thread must be requested to the Alpha. Challenges can be comprised of anything from an all out physical fight to a show of knowledge and retelling of one's acts. The Alpha will then the decide which member is best suited for the rank and whether or not promotion is acceptable.

Please keep in consideration that challenging for rank is not a primary way of moving up in the ranks and should be reserved for special instances where it is plotted out between the challenger and the challenged OOCly. Gaining rank is still based primarily on IC participation and OOC activity. The main reason for the rank challenge is to give players and opportunity to create unique plots with their characters.


Characters who break pack expectations are demoted; severe offenses (ie rape or murder) can result in expulsion rather than demotion. The easiest way to get demoted is to not show proper submission to those who outrank you. If witnessed by a leader this can result in an immediate demotion, and depending on the severity of the lack of submission, can result in being demoted to Pariah.

Low activity does not necessitate demotion; however, a less active character should strive to be very involved in pack life to avoid eventual demotion. If you only can post a few times a month, you're not interacting much with your pack members and it can result in eventual demotion. However, characters are not severely punished (e.g., demoted to Pariah) for low activity.

Mandatory Pack Threads

Because New Dawn is in its infancy, mandatory pack threads might be more frequent now than in the future. All active members must contribute -- even if it is with just one post. Punishments for non-attendance are IC, with a probable drop in rank and respect.

NPC Policies

Absence NPC Status

The length of NPC absence is discussed between the player and the Leadership. Discuss NPC status with the leadership when you first join New Dawn! For more in depth information of New Dawn's NPC policies please view the NPC page above.

It is difficult for those who leave New Dawn to be accepted into the fold again. If your character is removed from the ranks due to inactivity, they most likely will not be accepted again and if they are, they will automatically be put in the Pariah rank.

Companion NPCs

NPC companions may accompany a New Dawn applicant in their joining thread. Current members must write a joining thread for canine NPCs. You are welcome to attempt to adopt out any NPC character you bring to New Dawn.

Other Policies

Mates and Puppies

If two members wish to mate up they must ask the Alpha for permission to do so ICly. It is suggested that members set up this thread OOCly with the leadership first so that it may be plotted out to the satisfaction of all parties. In certain instances, a IC thread might not be necessary, and permission can be assumed given OOCly.

Puppies must also be approved ICly, and it is recommended that permission is asked BEFORE one gets a puppy approval from the SA. Otherwise one might have approved pups by the SA, and unapproved pups by the Alpha.