Embrace your animalistic roots

The Moons are New Dawn's version of the Catacombs! Display them in your profile alongside your regular Catacombs, if you'd like.

For most of these, they are based on the honor system for you to claim them -- there may be exceptions which require you to contact the leadership to claim; read up on the specific Moon you wish to achieve in order to determine this.

Image Name Significance & Earning Information
Sickle Moon Sickle Moon Member of New Dawn for 3 months.
Crescent Moon Crescent Moon Member of New Dawn for 6 months.
Half Moon Half Moon Member of New Dawn for 1 year.
Full Moon Full Moon Member of New Dawn for 2 years!
Blue Moon Blue Moon Recruit and then vouch for an outsider to become a pack member upon their joining.
Harvest Moon Harvest Moon Birth or father pups with a mate as per New Dawn's puppy guidelines. Leadership permission required.
Cold Moon Cold Moon Challenge someone for their rank or have your rank challenged. Leadership permission required.
Blood Moon Blood Moon Successfully defend the territory by facing off against a trespasser.
Lunar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse Earn a skill rank sans challenge.
Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse Earn a leadership or superior rank sans challenge.

Specialty Moons

Image Name Significance & Earning Information
Heart Moon Heart Moon Participated in the February 2012 Valentines Day thread prompt challenge.
Stormy Moon Stormy Moon Participated in the September 2012 Hurricane thread prompt challenge.
Shiny Moon Shiny Moon Participated in the January 2014 New Dawn expansion contest.