Embrace your animalistic roots

The game is a fun way to encourage posting and relevant in character plots (not to mention the shiny prizes you can get)! There are all kinds of ways to earn points, and you can start earning points the second you join up with the clan!

Thread Prompts

Every so often, there are thread prompts, intended to promote activity and to encourage IC and OOC interaction between New Dawn members. Sometimes characters will be chosen to have these prompts around them, though players are encouraged to think of unique things for their characters to do with these chosen.

Any of the prompts from the regular set of earning game points can be stacked on top of the points you gain from completing this challenge! Each thread prompt challenge is worth 10 points per prompt.

Upon completing all prompts, PM the links to your thread to a leader. For current prompts, see the New Dawn Information Portal.

Standard Points

There are tons of ways you can earn points in New Dawn. It's really not all about the word counts; people often seem to forget it's very easy to update the Wiki or even just act in your rank job!

Post Length Points
1 point200+ word post
3 points300+ word post
4 points400+ word post*
* Add one point incrementally for posts above 400 words.
In Character Points
10 pointsUse your characters' Rank Skills
* If your character does not have a skill rank, have them act out what rank you think would be most appropriate for them. Remember, New Dawn’s ranking is done mostly on an IC basis!
5 pointsGive back to nature. There are several human mars on the land, help nature to cover them back up, whether it is through digging or planted or just plain cleaning out the debris and destroying it.
10 pointsProtect the pack either from another canine trying to trespass with ill intentions or a creature causing havoc.
15 pointsComplete a thread with four or more New Dawn pack members.
5 pointsScout a fertile hunting ground for the pack, herds move often.
50 pointsEarn a Co-Rank!
2 pointsStart an AW thread in the neutral territories.
3 pointsStart an AW thread in New Dawn.
2 pointsReply to an AW thread in the neutral territories. This only counts for the first reply; points are NOT awarded for each reply to an all welcome thread.
3 pointsReply to an AW thread in New Dawn. This only counts for the first reply; points are NOT awarded for each reply to an all welcome thread.
20 points eachEarn any of the Moons
100 pointsVisit every territory in 'Souls.
Activity Points
Activity points are automatically added by the leadership each month -- you do not need to reflect these in your private game tally.
15 points Highest cumulative post count within a given month.
10 points Second highest cumulative post count within a given month.
10 points Third highest cumulative post count within a given month.
Out of Character Points
50 pointsRecruit a member to New Dawn
In the recruit's first joining post, under the "How did you find 'Souls?" question, please have them mention you by name. :)
100 pointsPick up a ND Adoptable and join New Dawn with it.
2+ points eachCreate pack pride images
These are “judged” on a case by case basis. We do not discriminate based on quality, but obviously an intricate art piece of all the New Dawn members is going to receive more points than a button for the Pride page! 2 points is the minimum and is the amount generally rewarded for all pride-page-type button images. :)
5 pointsParticipate in a pack contest
5 pointsWin a pack contest
10 pointsParticipate in a board-wide plot or an OOC contest


Private message all submissions to one of our leaders or New Dawn.

100 pointsA graphical set (avatar, signature, and table) made by one of our leaders.
400 pointsPermanent custom title
500 pointsPermanent sun burst icon. These are a few options, but you can choose your own color!
600 pointsPermanent custom icon
700 pointsA drawn avatar of your character by Nat. Non-transferable--must be of your New Dawn character!
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