Embrace your animalistic roots

Written History

Before the Foundation

In August of 2011, a lone wolf named Zalen was visited by the spirit of his great-great-grandmother, Ruby, who had been in life a founder Alpha of the pack Silent Dawn. She revealed unto Zalen his heritage and the history of the lands he now inhabited. Spurned by this knowledge, Zalen began to become increasingly jaded when it came to the lives those around him lived. The Luperci of Nova Scotia were beginning to discard their animalistic natures and replace them with more human ones; they lived in human homes, cooked their food, clothed their bodies and fought with human weapons.

Zalen disagreed with this way of life and went north into ‘Souls lands to find a place where he could escape this humanization that was quickly spreading among his brethren, but instead met a young wolfess named Titania. The two both felt this calling back to their feral roots and decided that they would gather like-minded wolves and return to the northern area to found a pack. In the months following their meeting, they met with and formed the eight founding members of New Dawn.

Near the winter solstice, Zalen decided it was time to head north. He along with his new mate Titania, gathered amongst them the wolves they had met with previously, the majority of which were loners, but several of which were former Crimson Dreamers. Together they headed north, and after Zalen and Titania met with the leaders of Ichika no Ho-en, they settled north of that pack in the territory Zalen and Titania had scouted and marked.

First Year

Winter 2012: During this time period New Dawn began to establish itself as a stable pack. It sadly saw it's neighbor to the east, Ichika no Ho-en, disappear, but it became better acquainted with Inferni and Casa di Cavalieri. The pack flourishes and many of its members mated up. These were good times.

Spring 2012: Even in the midst of the blossoming of the Alphess, and the beginning of the mating season, New Dawn is finally presented with its first confrontation; that being with Amy Sunders. The dog has attacked New Dawn's members as well as stolen Kohaku Amarok from Kiara Amarok. Zalen calls upon New Dawn to hunt her down and bring her to justice.

Summer 2012: At the end of August, Titania miscarries her first litter, and was traumatized from the event and fled New Dawn, leaving Zalen as the sole leader. To regain control, Zalen has liaisons with several females, including Adonia Demos and X'yrin of Sangi'lak. Both meetings result in pregnancies. The social structure of New Dawn begins to shift with the promotion of several members, as well as some leaving the pack for new homes. The end of summer is marked by a destructive hurricane from which New Dawn eventually recovers.

Fall 2012: Fall was both a time of great heart ache and trouble as well as a time of new life and acceptance. There were several new members added to the pack, most being the multitude of puppies produced by the females of New Dawn. On top of that, Sangi'lak and New Dawn became allies and close friends through their shared respect for the old ways. However, tragedy struck in the form of a massive hurricane that damaged the pack lands. To make matters worse, Amy plagued the pack by torturing several members and it was discovered that she had stolen Kiara Amarok's son, Kohaku. After several failed attempts to reclaim him, the dog was finally put down and Kiara's son recovered. Yet, he refused the pack and left. Because of Amy, the relationship between New Dawn and Anathema became strained.

Second Year

Winter 2012: Tensions in Anathema continued to rise along with New Dawn's population. More litters were born, bringing the pack numbers to an all time high. Many Casa di Cavalieri members made the trek north to help New Dawn provide for the substantial number of puppies while they simultaneously provided protection from New Dawn's cruel neighbor, Anathema. It was discovered that Deuce, Noah's mother, had become a slave in Anathema. Although attempts were made to rescue her, she was never recovered. New Dawn lost a few members and gained others while a very important rank shuffle occurred. Zalen found love again in Raeka Rain who quickly rose in ranks to become his Alphess. Ciara gave birth to a litter of pups and Adonia returned to the pack with Keylo.

Spring 2013: After numerous diplomatic talks, tensions between Anathema and New Dawn finally died down and peace was restored to pack. Raeka became pregnant, but it unfortunately proved to be false. Kiara and Tharin brought their first litter into the pack: Marrok, Altair, and Leela. Shortly after, Zalen traveled to Casa and cemented his bond with their leader, Jazper.

Summer 2013: Tragedy struck the pack as a rash of bear attacks claimed the lives of Augustus and Adonia. The news left many of the pack members devastated. To make matters worse, a band of loners broke into the food stores and kidnapped young Krys. With the help of Sangi’lak she was safely recovered, but the hearts and minds of New Dawn had been shaken.

Fall 2013: The fall season was met with more disaster as a fire broke out in the sunrise meadow during a pack hunt. The blaze claimed the life of Tharin and injured several others. In an attempt to become closer with New Dawn, Sangi’lak moved closer to the pack lands, but disbanded soon after. The pack welcomed any former ally with open arms and worked to round up the animals left behind. Zalen also began to look for a suitor for his eldest daughter, Verya. Not long after Callum Knight approached the Alpha to ask for permission to court Verya.

Third Year

Winter 2013: Time passed and the pack slowly began to heal from the losses of the previous year. All of the pups had started to grow and take on responsibilities within the pack. Zalen and Raeka finally produced a successful litter together. The prince and princess of New Dawn, Petra and Bertolt, were born. With strength returning to the pack, many of the members banded together and took out the bear that had been terrorizing New Dawn.

Spring 2014: The pack numbers swelled as a rush of new and old members joined the ranks. With the spring time, a new air fell over the pack and peace finally returned to the pack. Kalila, the child of Zalen and Grace was born. Hartt and Darkness officially became mates.

Summer 2014: The mateship between Verya and Callum became official and brought Casa and New Dawn together as allied packs. A leader feast was called in the South, bringing most of the pack leaders together for a peaceful conference. Additionally, Hartt and Darkness had a single puppy: Dusk.