Embrace your animalistic roots

Wolf packs are ordered in a specific hierarchical system with Alphas at the top and Paraiahs at the bottom. There expectations of both low and high ranking wolves to show proper etiquette when it comes to dominance and submission. Wolves who act contrary to this etiquette can and will be punished.

Here is an overview of basic pack etiquette. It would be wise of a player to adhere to these guidelines so that their character may advance both socially and in rank within the pack structure.

Dominant Behavior

Body Language

Body language is extremely important in conveying ones social niche within the pack. After the spread of the Luperci virus, many of these subtle body cues were lost and replaced by more humanistic expressions and gestures. In New Dawn, there is a drive to revert back to the natural and animal like postures of their ancestors.


This is the proper postural communication for dominant or assertive wolves when encountering a subordinate:

  • Pointed eye-contact
  • Standing erect and still with tail horizontal to spine
  • Raised hackles
  • Slow, deliberate movement
  • High body posture

In extreme cases, when dominance must be shown to enforce punishment or warning against an unsubmissive subordinate, dominant wolves may bare teeth, clamp down on the jaw of the subordinate, and straddle the subordinates body.


There are two forms of submissive behavior; active and passive. Active submission is a form of greeting, while passive submission is the reaction to the approach of a dominant wolf.


The subordinate may approach the superior in a low posture, sleeken their fur and lower their ears and tail, and lick the other wolf's face.


When approached by a superior, the subordinate may lie down to the ground, either on back or stomach, curling the tail under the body and flattening the ears.

Heat Cycles

In the wild, non-Luperci wolf females usually go into heat around late December and rarely any other time of the year. However, this has changed due to the virus, and Luperci females can and will go into heat once every one to two months. When a female goes into estrus, she releases a potent pheromone that signals she is ready to mate. This scent can cause the mood of the pack to become hyper-sexed, and all fertile males and females will react to the urge to reproduce.

Usually, it is only the Alpha male and female who have the right to mate, but this has changed in New Dawn. The Alpha expects all the members to act with tact and discipline during a females heat cycle, and expects any copulation during this time to only occur between a mated pair, as it would most likely result in offspring. If any subordinate members were to mate outside of mate-ship and the meeting result in puppies, they have the chance of being punished and even run out of New Dawn.

For more information on Luperci reproduction and gestation, please view the 'Souls Comprehensive Roleplay Guide.


All of this etiquette is based on a system of trust, respect, and obedience. This behavior is not required to occur every time two wolves meet, but is dependent upon the preference of the dominant wolf. In any case, if a dominant wolf shows dominance then in turn the subordinate must show submission.

Between friends and relatives, these rules can slide a bit. Also, it should be noted that the interaction between equal ranking subordinates should not carry any submissive or dominant behavior. If a Subord becomes dominant to another Subord, it can be seen as a threat and an insult to higher ranking wolves (however, if done correctly, it could also show the higher ranking wolves that one is ready to move upward in the ranks).