Embrace your animalistic roots

The wolves of this pack are trying to revert to the roots of their animalistic nature, before the spread of the virus. Members of New Dawn believe that Luperci are above all else wolves and therefore should behave more like wolves then like humans. Most humanistic tendencies are discarded and this includes farming, livestock keeping, and dwelling within human structures. However, animal companions and human possessions, while perhaps frowned upon, are still allowed.

Founding Principles


New Dawn is structured in the old way of wolf packs before the spread of the virus, therefore shows of dominance and submission are expected. Wolves in a lower rank must ALWAYS show submission to the ones above them, this means lowered heads, ears and tails.


Upon entering the territory to ask permission to join, outsiders must show extreme submission, this means getting on the ground and curling one’s tail under the body. Anything less than this show of submission will be taken as a threat.

Pack members

Utmost submission must always be shown to the alpha and beta, however a less strict submission can be shown between other members, depending on the prefereance of the superior ranking wolf.


Though the members of New Dawn recognize themselves as wolves beyond anything else, they do recognize the advantages that come along with the two legged Optime form. Therefore, shifting is not discouraged, but it is best to recognize its place in life. Hunting, playing, socializing; all these things are best done in Lupus form. However other tasks such as fishing, or creating, or building, are much easier to do when one has opposable thumbs.

It is also important to note that what is discouraged is using ones larger forms to intimidate non-luperci. If a member were to stoop so low as use their shifting abilities to dominate those that lack them, they can and will be punished.

Loyalty and Obediance

Loyalty to the pack and its structure is expected and any insubordination or disloyalty will be punished with demotion or banishment.

Pack Dynamics


Those seeking a higher rank must show the skills required of said rank. If the rank they desire is already filled, they have the ability to challenge those within the rank for their spot. These challenges must be overseen by either the alpha or beta and a decision will be made based upon the outcome of the contest.

Pack Bonding

A strong bond between pack members is encouraged, and relationships with outsiders are discouraged. It is expected of members that they actively socialize with their pack fellows. The members of New Dawn also sleep collectively unless circumstances do not allow for this to be possible.


Mating rights are usually reserved to the alpha alone, however permission for mate-ships are given out upon the alpha’s discretion. The reason for this being that there must be some oversight for relationships of this caliber, for it is expected that two wolves mate for life and that their potential offspring bear good genetics. Same-sex or poly-amorous relationships are discouraged and will never be allowed official mate-ship status, however they are not forbidden.


Puppies are a glorious thing and the whole pack should delight in the coming of a litter. However, puppies are only allowed to be born by a mated couple. Bearing pups outside of mateship is cause for punishment and/or banishment, depending the situation. While this may seem harsh, it is a rule put in place to avoid infanticide and protect the well-being of the pack as a whole.

Rape and Murder

Rape and murder are strictly forbidden within pack structure. Both of these deeds are seen by the leadership as acts of disloyalty and disobedience that go completely against pack structure and well-being. Those who participate in either murder or rape are marked as pariahs and either banished or out rightly killed.

Prejudices and Predispositions


New Dawn takes great pride in its territory and defends its borders thoroughly. Any canine found to be trespassing the borders without an extremely good reason will be escorted off.

Outsiders and Visitors

Relations between the members of the pack are more important than any relationship with an outsider and therefore guests on pack lands are discouraged. New Dawn members are allowed to have relationships with members of other packs or loners but are asked to meet with these outside acquaintances beyond the boundaries of the pack lands. There is no need to let outsiders roam inside pack lands as if they were members.

Species Prejudice

The wolves of New Dawn are to be wary of non-pack members but especially wary of non-wolves, most specifically coyotes but also dogs. Coyotes are believed to be scoundrels and villains and dogs as canine remnants of humans. While New Dawn members should generally be suspicious and avoid dogs and coyotes, relationships with these species are allowed but should remain on the down low.